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La Société d'Histoire de la Haute-Yamaska - Centre d'

135-1, Principale street
Granby ( Québec )
J2G 2V1

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The Société d'histoire de la Haute-Yamaska's (SHHY) mission is to produce and disseminate local history, to promote the preservation of buildings and heritage sites and, under the mandate has been entrusted in 1992 by national Archives of Canada, to ensure the conservation of the regional and national archival heritage.

In order to discover the richness of its archives, the Société d'histoire invites you to visit his website (French only). Under the heading Fonds and collections, you can consult the archives available for research, whereas under Histoire en ligne, you will find the historic and heritage tour of Granby, exhibitions and several publications from SHHY. Subscribe to Newsletter or Facebook to receive our latest articles on regional history.

The SHHY also runs a resource center, where you can search for your ancestors to possibly find your house as it once seemed, view old newspapers, old phone books, old photos, etc. Their secured warehouses annually receive several meters of archives from individuals, organizations, businesses and professionals in the regionWe may issue receipts for tax purposes to archival donors.

Our main publications: • Granby, patrimoine et histoire • Histoire de Granby • Histoire du canton de Granby • Histoire de la Stanley de Roxton Pond (en ligne) • Brève histoire du cheval canadien (en ligne) • Bromont, cinquante années de réalisations • Waterloo, 125 ans d’histoire (épuisée) • Inventaire du patrimoine bâti de Granby (consultation sur place) • Étude du patrimoine rural de la MRC de la Haute-Yamaska (CD)